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When you adopt a bear you receive a certificate of adoption, you can take guided tours to MOA, you will receive the monthly newsletter and you are part of our circular agriculture project with which you will receive products from local farmers allied to conservation. You will have discounts on our merchandise and exclusive access to photos and videos of the bears.

Importance of the Andean bear

The Andean bear is listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, in large part due to wildlife conflict, as many farmers see it as a threat because the bear has come to feed on their crops and even livestock.

The loss of their habitat at an accelerated rate due to deforestation is also a negative factor in bear populations. We need to act immediately to take care of this beautiful animal, you can help by adopting a bear or making a donation so that through us you can save the bear and its habitat.

The Andean bear and the ecosystem balance

The bear is a great seed disperser that keeps the ecosystem healthy, this avoids soil erosion which in the future prevents landslides, mudslides, etc.  Bears are associated with bodies of water such as ponds and rivers and their presence is a good indicator of water quality, water that you and I probably drink.

The bear is also considered an umbrella species, which means that by protecting this mammal you are also protecting the rest of the living beings with which it shares its habitat.