We invite you to be part of the change and actively participate in the construction of this environmental educational laboratory.

For sustainable development

MOA’s work is based on the model of education for sustainable development, as it is under 6 of the 17 Development Goals such as: (10) reduction of inequalities, (11) sustainable cities and communities, (12) responsible production and consumption, (13) climate action, (15) life of terrestrial ecosystems, (17) partnerships to achieve the goals.

With this theoretical basis, the MOA proposes the Ecoambulance an educational model, a new concept, ideal for tackling the problem of climate change.

The word ambulance always reminds us of an alarming situation, something that must be dealt with as urgently and as soon as possible, and under this principle Ecoambulance fulfills a similar function, linking ecosystems and the urgency of saving them.

Thus the proposed program links the need to save nature with an umbrella species such as the bear and the feeling of happiness generated by an ecosystem in good condition.

The model consists of three modules: happiness, nature and the future. Through didactic activities, students will learn about the value of caring for nature and how their actions matter.