Mirador del Oso Andino


Over the years we have encountered people and institutions whose interests have not been the conservation of bears. These experiences have helped us to work for conservation in a way that always leaves a positive impact on our bears.

Today the MOA works, based on this knowledge, helping the bear, its conservation and the impact generated by the interaction with people. The work we do is based on research and constant observation of the species and its environment, but above all working on the bear’s interaction with people.


To guarantee the conservation of bears and their habitat through planning, coordination and environmental management with the active participation of public, private, community and citizen organizations, always following our environmental ethics.


By 2025, to be an example of positive interaction between people and wildlife. Ensuring the quality of ecosystem services through conservation strategies, education for sustainable development and sustainable use of natural resources.

At MOA we are


Every task or activity carried out by the MOA will be executed with actions that generate credibility, always promoting a culture of trust.


MOA’s work is based on tolerance and understanding of human dignity. Always guided by our ethics, we look for solutions to the wildlife conflict from the point of view of the person affected by the bears.


MOA staff always act on the basis of truth, being the bears’ ambassadors to society.